IJEN CRATER Experience a stunning view of sunrise from the Ijen Crater which is considered as the most beautiful crater in South East Asia. The crater is located at Sempol village, Sempol subdistrict. This non active crater’s temperature is between 2 to 8 degrees celcius and located on the height of 2.386 meter above sea level (2.386 mdpl). The area around the crater is decorated with Edelweiss flower – Land Casuarina Junghu and various animals such as jungle fowl and porcupine.

BLAWAN WATERFALL Another close by tourist destination is Blawan Waterfall which is located at Kalianyar village, Sempol subdistrict. It is the downstream of Pahit River and also the drainage of Ijen Crater which has a full content of sulphur. There are also many kinds of plants here such as macadamia. Besides Blawan Waterfall, there is also natural bathing place namely “The Hot Waterspring” which is also located in the Blawan waterfall area.